Soup Kitchen Manchester

As I sat on the train heading into Manchester I began to think about all the previous encounters Kovic and I had crossed paths together. So let’s start with how any good story begins with at the very beginning. The year was 2016 and the first details of Kovic had begun to surface. Being a fan of the bands The Hunna and Coasts prior I was excited to see that the record company ‘High Time Records’ were the recording studio working with Kovic. As 2017 surfaced the release of their first hit ‘Wires’ spread across all streaming platforms and what an impression it made on impact. If there wasn’t already enough buzz surrounding Kovic at this point, there certainly was now. With a release of their 2nd hit ‘Give It All’ and their first headline tour scheduled for April 2017 I more than jumped at the opportunity to come face to face with the band who had been turning heads since day 1. The night arrived quickly and I was beyond excited, as the set went on my goal was simple, photograph the best you physically can. As the set finished and the band came to meet the crowd, you could certainly tell that they were a band for the fans. Greeting and taking the time to talk with every fan was a nice sight indeed to witness. Out of some lucky reasonings, I even got the chance to catch a drink with them in MOJO’S in Manchester. What a lucky turn of events that was. As the months passed, I was given an opportunity to photograph again, this time they were supporting the band Coasts. A band who I had been fans of since their beginning too. The lights dimmed and Kovic emerged, bursting onto the stage with a huge sense of confidence and pride. Not a single hand not in the air on their arrival, a loving sight from dedicated supporters alike. The future was looking bright for these guys and they were ready to take on the world by storm.
We now flash forward to the present day and what a journey they have been on since 2017. They have their first debuted album ‘Drown’ released late 2018 and their own production label named Kovic Productions. I couldn’t help but bring this up to Mark when I photographed them for the first time in near two years this past Wednesday at their Soup Kitchen gig. To say they have come a long way is an understatement, I couldn’t be more prouder of a band seeing how well they’ve made it thus far. Maybe on my next visit with Kovic new material might be in the works? In the meantime though, I’m going to pour myself a coffee and sit back and listen to my favourite hit of theirs ‘If You Don’t Love Me’.

Jimmy’s Manchester

This past Thursday so my return to action for the first time this year, I wish personally it had been sooner but other priorities took the majority of my time up. The life of a guy with a million hobbies. Never the less I was happy to be back where I belonged. I chose this gig as my return as I had known the band for quite some time, even before their rebrand when they were referred too as ALLUSONDRUGS. I had even gotten the chance to photograph them a couple years back at their headline Napier gig in Blackburn so I kinda had a rough idea for what I was in for. As the lights darkened and the guitars began to roar, I knew that we were in for quite a spectacular show, but the moments of soaking up the lyrics and bobbing my head to the rhythm was short-lived, as I was there for the task in hand and I knew to fail to capture an image was never an option. That wouldn’t have been a perfect start for me now, would it?
The lighting was certainly on my side for the majority of the act, which only heightened my appeal to try and capture them obscure shots that I am always trying to master. Leaping across the floor to get a shot under the microphone being one such example. Some audience members might have wondered just what I was up too but I knew what I was doing, well 95% at least. By the last couple songs, I chose to have a quick flick through my photos, to see exactly what I had shot and a small smile beamed across my face. I decided then enough was enough and made the simple decision to stop shooting and let the music carry me to the curtain call. As the lights faded and the band began to vacate the stage, I turned around for the first time and looked in amazement to just how many people were standing with all eyes still fixated on the band. A sight to behold indeed. Jimmy’s can hold a lot of people, but I have never been it as packed as I had seen it this fine evening. As the people began to leave and I started my venture home, I sat on the train knowing full well this year was going to be a special one for my music photography.
This was just the start of it.