In the city of Manchester, where music pours from every street corner, we’re all given the choice on which venue will grace our presence for the evening. Maybe your choice might hinge on the fact you’re a relation to one of the band members, or simply there to support a friend. Your reason might be clearer cut than the rest. For the strangers, on the other hand, those who venture into the unknown, with little research on the bands entertaining, it’s not all so black and white. So why would you travel to view one of Manchester’s finest up and coming bands URF?  

For those who came, well let me say you were rewarded, why you ask? Well, let me tell you…  

Starting off from the word go, we knew we were in for a show tonight. As the walls of the venue became electrified, the pulsating sounds filled our veins, we all stood and watched in what can only be described as scenes of madness.  

As the first track of the evening House of Love kicked the night off, we were thrown into an endless void, filled with nothing except the raw and passionate vocals of Abbi Parcell, backed up by the relentless energy of guitarist Scott Woodcock who stopped at nothing to show what he was truly capable of, with his endless talents of creative craftsmanship which oozed musical genius. Ben Pratley’s bass skills, with each passing cord, set the tone as his wild and demanding stage presence blended perfectly with the lashing and high pressed beats from drummer Jack Biggs. Who made sure not a single foot of the audience wasn’t hooked up to sync with each bellowing drum beat that echoed throughout Night People. All this mixed together with the wizard-like skills of keyboardist and synthesizer Sophie Erasmus and we were given the perfect ingredients of a perfect opener.  

The more the set progressed, the more sucked in we became, transported to this world of theirs, a world where neo-psychedelic shoegaze is the norm, blurred between fiction and reality. Their hit Say you don’t Mind from their recent E.P ‘For the Ride’ stood out, as it fully gave lead singer Abbi Parcell the chance to step out into the spotlight she rightly deserved. From her ground-breaking vocals that silenced the venue, to her exceptional skills as her guitar roared to the tightly fitted melody worn together by Sophie Erasmus on her keyboard.  

As the last song of the night For the Ride began to conclude, I knew I had been on a special experience that evening, one I wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon. For a 2nd time viewer of URF, it will be great to witness first hand the levels this band can achieve down the line. I for one can’t wait for it. 

You can find URF on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts linked below.

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